Anurag Malik

Anurag is a nature lover & people enthusiast who loves to see people succeed & happy. He has helped people to achieve life of their dreams, be it their business or personal life.

Anurag is a Reiki-Master, manifestation & brain science expert & is an ICF trained life coach. He is an expert who knows how to break barriers, shackles and use the steel to make ladder of success. He has a strong 25 years' experience of working in corporates. His life journey was full of turmoil's & he worked through them to find his life purpose, & today he partners with all who are seeking clarity in their life. Anurag hosts two radio shows " Unleash & thrive with Anurag" & "Moksha with Anurag" on fresh FM. to support people in their goals & dreams. Anurag is an inspirational & motivational communicator & has also been on TEDx.

His coaching and healing sessions are so calming & offer a great space to heal & move forward. He uses powerful transformative tools & processes, that produce robust shifts & 10X results.
He helps not only to exceed your business & personal goals but to surpass them many folds. His sessions give profound measurable outcome and choices are multiplied.

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