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Live Life of your dreams…

Life Coaching

Live Life of your dreams…

How I can help you break free

Neurolinguistic Programming

Involves analysing your thoughts, language, and patterns and applying my strategies to reach your personal and business goals


Help focus your mind to improve your day to day life


Aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks stopping you from being the best you

Business Coaching

I can take your business from where it is now to where the you want it to be

Walking with you

Reiki Teaching & Healing

Reiki is a non-intrusive gentle hands-on healing, which transformed my life & opened up the doors to my life & soul purpose. It cleared all my limiting beliefs, relationship blockages, past life karmas & inter-generational patterns. It's such a powerful tool to learn & achieve life of our dreams.
I am a master healer & teacher, and my mission is to empower one million people by 2025.

Would you be one of them?

Life Coaching

I am a facilitator, healer & master trainer who uses tools from brain science to spirituality, to support you to unleash your true self, so you can achieve what you truly deserve. Coaching with me will open up your choices, broaden your horizon & reset you from limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, traumas, phobias & addictions. The processes & tools utilized are proven & transformative, they produce powerful shifts& 10X results. Let's work together to achieve your goals: money, health, relationship or business. I promise to partner with you to unleash your potential. & thrive.

The outcome is not only transformational but exponential and liberating.

Life Coaching

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Reiki Teaching & Healing

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Reiki Learning & Life purpose : I’ve known about Reiki for a while and always been interested in it and then it was suggested that maybe I could be you do Reiki and and be a healer and help others and I was really drawn to that idea so I investigated and found someone to help me out with that and teach me and i was quite apprehensive about learning it but I found it quite opening and even the whole experience of the attunement was quite surreal, it was up and feel like I opened my eyes that room would have been quite bright and I felt tingly and sort of all hot and cold and quiet, that’s quite an interesting enlightenment feeling and so now I feel like I’m being more aware of opportunities in looking out for things and knowing what to ask and to the possibility of receiving opportunities and knowing what my purpose is.

Sandie Sixtus

I was looking for help with mental obsessions. This was a continuation of my addiction's lifestyle of the past. Focusing on my female peers like a sex object instead of a workplace equal had become far to mind consuming. Anurag has used his great practice to bring my anxiety and obsession right down to a healthier level. Again, I am much better focused on my work instead of being distracted by my thoughts about lust. My experience with Anurag has been more than just a positive outcome. A welcoming and inspiring man to engage.

Stuart Brown

I met Anurag at his Lunch and Learn session in Richmond and I was intrigued by the work he does. I have been suffering from a negative mindset and a build-up of anxiety due to being mandated and losing my job through the Covid Epidemic I have not worked for 6 months. In addition to this, as an ex-South African, I have also been dealing with a lot of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) for a long time from being involved in violent crime encounters. I had a follow-up session with Anurag and he helped me immensely to see the world from a different angle. He went through a few different exercises dealing with the mind and helping me to re programme it and get rid of these negative experiences that have been holding me back from the confident sociable, driven and enthusiastic person that I really am. He is a kind, wise and empathetic man that offers amazing guidance and tools to heal your mental health and mindset. He makes you feel comfortable by sharing his personal journey. I came out of the session feeling at peace and ready to engage in life again. The work is continuous, this I know, but you can't do it alone... Thank you Anurag you have helped me choose a different path and I am energized for my new journey ahead.

Brent Carpenter

I have taken sessions from Anurag sir. I noticed that i was stuck in an experience of a 3 year old mini me, my inner child was very disturbed and Anurag handled it with a lot of care n concern, he took me through a session with NLP and helped me solve my procrastination problem. I feel more energetic after the session and have been able to do more work then i could before the session, i can see i becoming a better version of myself. I am grateful to Anurag's kindness n comfort during the session. He is always there when i need his support


I had session with Anurag for mental break down and post traumatic stress, his therapy gave me amazing result. I am sleeping really well & feel Calm. His calm voice relaxed me and i felt safe. I recommend Anurag for getting rid of anxiety/ depression and any challenges that are bothering you.

Cheryl Bedggood

Anurag is a wonderful facilitator of NLP. I felt safe and comfortable in our session and found Anurag’s gentle voice very soothing and relaxing to listen to. I was able to have a very profound and helpful result from the NLP session.

Marcia Montgomery

I recently had a neuro linguistic program with Anurag . It was a calming experience, and i have been feeling more happier since having done this program. Anurag was very professional and respectful and i would recommend him.

Cheryl Banks

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