Success with Values

                                                     Success with Values


Values as the word suggest is, what is most important to you or

What we value the most in anything that we do and our outlook, decisions, actions & outcomes are impacted hugely by them.

Have you ever noticed, what are your values and are they towards pleasure, comfort or they are to prevent discomfort & pain?

You may think how it makes a difference whether it is towards comfort or prevent discomfort, the outcome is same

Well, we can understand this by simple example

Let's say, we want our child to, succeed & so we want them to clear exams with good grades. Now when they're studying, we can impact the success by asking two types of questions


                           what did you do well?

                           What did you like about the topic?

                           How do you think it can be used?




What didn’t you understand?

What is still left to be completed?

What is that you can do, so you don’t fail?


Questions of Type A are called Towards, while Type B are Away.


What’s the Difference?


The difference is when we are towards the comfort & pleasure our questions are positive, mind is looking for positive things happening and choices that can bring positive changes, leading to success, pleasure &comfort, while type B questions are focused on negatives i.e., things that are not working.

Our brain is focused on finding the evidence and actionable of what we are trying to find, thus giving more & more proofs & opportunities of our desired outcome.


We know that where the focus goes, energy flows.

When we are focused on positives/ towards, we achieve

  1. Calm emotional state.
  2. Positive outlook & better decisions.
  3. Open to opportunities
  4. Encouraging environment.
  5. Better relationships.

         & So many more

Hence in order to succeed focusing on the positives/towards is the Key.


                            Where are you focusing on today?


Do you want to know more & learn how to work with values, how to change them?

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