Joyful Relationship.

When you met your partner first time and you were interested and dated them, you fell in love with that soul, that free bird.

As the time went by with the grind of life, you started feeling that there are lot of expectations to meet, there is no support, freedom or even” me time”, forget the time to love.

If this is your story, then it’s time to get to basics of dating


“Be who you are and let your partner be who they are.”


When I was dating this is what I did to find the right partner


  1. Non-Judgmental & curious.

I was so into my partner that I would love to watch, feel and listen to their story, life, passion, dreams, day and minute. Every question I asked was open ended and it clarified my partner’s view, thought and feelings. I didn’t try to change them & respected them as they are.

  1. Argue     but not hurt

I would put forward my point very cautiously, so it doesn’t hurt and would also apologies without any reason, in case…

  1. Mindful    

I would take time out to finish some household work may be vacuum house, run dishwasher, cook food so when they come back, they could just relax after a tiring day.

Every evening was a date time

As the saying goes “We reap what we sow”

Let's sow what we want to reap.


Plan your date this evening and you will see that relationships are so amazing.

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