Have you ever paid attention to your own shadow? How does it alter with time in the morning, evenings, and at night?
I've been watching my shadow at various times; when I'm heading towards the sun, I can't see it; when I'm walking against the sun, it's larger and follows me; however, when the sun is on top of my head, it entirely vanishes.

What are our life's obstacles, anxieties, phobias, traumas, and limiting beliefs? What causes us to be nervous or depressed? Why are we constrained, and have we given up on our dreams?

Allow the light of love, wisdom, knowledge, and healing to shine so brightly above our heads that it flows through the crown chakra and exits through the root chakra, and our inner light to shine so brightly that not only does our shadow vanish, but we become a source of light and positivity to others.
Do you want to live a life of dreams and freedom? Do you want to be free and thrive? Do you want to have fantastic connections at work or at home?
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